Born in Gijón, 1978. ASTURIAS. ESPAÑA.

As a versatile creator, my artistic work explores different methods (sculpture, painting, photography, installation, video) from a contemporary perspective through abstract languages, close to Arte Povera and Materic Art, in which I combine tradition and innovation. 

Within an abstract style but full of symbolism, I have given great relevance to the material substratum of the work. The marked conceptual sense, where the material support transcends its state and provokes a profound analysis, should be highlighted. 

Chromatic austerity is a characteristic element of my work: reducing my palette to a very limited range of colours, based on ochres, blacks and reds, with which to create works of great chromatic contrast and powerful visual impact.  

I am greatly interested in the use and re-use of materials with a strong industrial stamp, such as Corten steel, aluminium, cement and glass, which stand out due to the experimentation, the special, formal and interim analyses, the perception, the theoretical development and the public sphere, as well as delving into new media and technological innovation.

My vital, intellectual and artistic inquisitiveness has led me to explore a large part of the world, where, at the same time, I have developed many of my projects, embracing the essence of each territory, to reinterpret it and decipher it in my works. Projects, trips and life experiences, of marked contrast and complementarity, such as stays of several months in Washington and New York, creation and exhibitions in Mexico City, research projects in Puerto Rico, conferences in Tokyo, in situ works creation for collectors in Qatar, projects in Indonesia, etc. 

Experiences in Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe are influences that have spread to my work and creative processes.

Private collections, institutions, galleries, curators, critics and the media have trusted and looked into my work, which, from my beginnings, has been characterised as being personal, intense, consistent and on the border between tradition and innovation.

Carlos García






D.A.N.A.E. FOUNDATION. Patron/Secretary. 

LABORATORIO CERO. Creative Manager 





Ist Sponsorship for artistic production and residence in New York. Registering New York. Mª Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation. NEW YORK.


Sponsorship for artistic production. In the search of lost Asturias in América 1880-2003. 

PUERTO RICO, WASHINGTON AND SPAIN. Municipal Foundation of Culture of  Gijón. SPAIN.



Painting. Katara. Solo Exhibition. Curator: Cristina Guimarey. Cero Arte Gallery. Marbella Casino. MARBELLA. SPAIN.

Painting. Carlos García. Solo Exhibition. Curator: Alfonso Luján. Orihuela Casino. ALICANTE. SPAIN.

Painting. Abstractions. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Meritxell Cid. The Box Art Center. Torrejón de Ardoz. MADRID/CCSC, San Chinarro. MADRID. SPAIN.


Installation. Creative Mutations, Asturias. Colective Exhibition. DANAE Foundation. Curator: Acindino Quesada. Barjola Museum. GIJÓN. SPAIN.


5 Best Spanish Designer. Tokyo´s Designer week. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Veruska de Prado, ICEX. Spanish Embassy in Japan. TOKYO. JAPAN.


Painting. Art Crosses. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Adriana Suárez. Principality of Asturias Delegation. Le Peuple. BRUSSELS / Principality of Asturias Delegation. MADRID / Llanes Culture Center. LLANES. SPAIN.


Sound Installation. SONI(C)LOUD. Colective Exhibition. Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro RADAR. Curators: Guillermo Santamarina, Bárbara Perea. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. MÉXICO DF. MEXICO.

Painting. Art Crosses. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Adriana Suárez. Conde de Toreno Palace. OVIEDO / Real Colegiata de San Fernando, COVADONGA. ASTURIAS. SPAIN.

Installation. Banquetes_Nodos y Redes. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Chiu Longuina. Laboral Centro de Arte de Creación Industrial. GIJÓN / ZKM, Center for Art and Media. KARLSRUHE, GERMANY.

Painting. Brussels Evolutions 05 - León 09. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Galería Altamira. Carriegos Foundation. LEÓN. SPAIN.

Painting. Approaches. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Diego Suárez Noriega. Altamira Gallery. GIJÓN. SPAIN.


Installation. Crearte Urbano, Ciudad Madin.  Colective Exhibition. Curator: Gabriel Santamarina. Madrid Regional Archive. MADRID. SPAIN.

Painting. Asturian young talents. Colective Exhibition. Principality of Asturias Delegation. MADRID. SPAIN.

Painting. CIRCA 2008. Colective Exhibition. ATM Gallery. PUERTO RICO.

Painting. SCOPE Art Fair. Colective Exhibition. ATM Gallery. NEW YORK.


Installation. Heaven&Hell. Solo Exhibition. ATM Gallery. GIJÓN. SPAIN.

Painting. DformaII. Solo Exhibition. ATM Gallery. GIJÓN. SPAIN.

Painting. CIRCA 2007. Colective Exhibition. ATM Gallery. PUERTO RICO.


Painting. Asturian Contemporary Expression,Two Generations. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Diego Suárez Noriega.Asturian Centre in Mexico. MEXICO.

Installation and video. New Itineraries of Asturian Art. Colective Exhibition. XVIII La Huella of Spain Festival. Curator: Adriana Suárez. National Art Center of Old Havana. HAVANA. CUBA.


Painting. Content Gesture Painters. Carlos Sierra, Gil Morán and Carlos García. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Luís Feás. Fruela Gallery. MADRID. SPAIN.

Painting and sculpture. Asturian young Painters. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Adriana Suárez. Principality of Asturias Delegation. Le Peuple. BRUSSELS 

Painting. Terrenos de juego. Colective Exhibition. Curator: ATM Gallery.  Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos Culture Center. GIJÓN. SPAIN.

Installation. 5 visions of Christmas. Colective Exhibition. Curator: Lucas Suárez. Plaza Mayor de Gijón. GIJÓN. SPAIN.


Painting. La Necesidad del Ser. Solo Exhibition. ATM Gallery. GIJÓN. SPAIN.

Sculpture. Colective Exhibition. Contemporary Art Center AcerArte. OVIEDO. SPAIN.


Sculpture. Densidad-es. Solo Exhibition. Culture Center. AVILÉS. SPAIN.

Installation and intervention. Mirrors, light moments. Solo Exhibition. Ateneo La Calzada Culture Center. GIJÓN. SPAIN.

Video. "In the search of lost Asturias to México, Cuba and USA in last century". Colective Exhibition. The Fondo del Sol Visual Arts Center. WASHINGTON DC, USA.

Sculpture. Mirrors, looking inside. Colective Exhibition. Discovery Galleries, Bethesda, MD, USA.

Photography. Dupont Circle´s objects. Colective Exhibition. Little City Arts Studio, Bethesda MD, USA.


Sculpture. Moments of Time. Solo Exhibition. Ateneo La Calzada Culture Center. GIJÓN. SPAIN.


S.S.M.M. King Don Felipe VI. Spain.

Government of the Principality of Asturias (Presidency and Government Junta). Spain.

Mª Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation. Spain.

National Prado Museum. Spain. 

Madrid City Hall. Spain.

JUMEX Foundation. México.

Hispanic Society of America. USA.

DANAE Foundation. Spain. 

Marcelino Botín Foundation. Spain.

Cajastur Social and Cultural Projects. Spain.

Gijón City Hall. Spain.

Avilés City Hall. Spain.

DICAR Group. Spain.

Royal Spanish Academy. Spain.

Banif. Spain.

National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center. Spain.

Los Angeles Philarmonic Walt Disney Concert Hall. USA.

University of Oviedo. Spain.

Official College of Architects of Asturias. Spain.



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